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Regional Center for Border Health receives grant

The Regional Center for Border Health has received a $225,000 grant to create a medical database to improve the continuity of health care for low-income patients in Yuma County and the neighboring Mexican border city of San Luis Rio Colorado, Son.

The grant from the San Francisco-based Hispanic Philanthropic Foundation, to be distributed over three years, will create Capacity Building, a pilot project that will allow doctors to use the Internet to call up patient information and for patient referrals, said Amanda Aguirre, chief executive officer of the center.


CAPAZ-MEX is the most comprehensive option for the uninsured residents of Yuma County!

CAPAZ-MEX is a Private Medical Discount Network created by Regional Center for Border Health, Inc. aimed at helping the uninsured and underinsured residents of Yuma County receive affordable healthcare services on both sides of the border. Members can receive up to 65% off* medical services from our participating providers.


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